The full range of strategies that will be employed by the Regulator of the National Lottery to support each of our five strategic goals until 2024 are set out in this Strategy Statement.

Each strategy will be employed in a manner that takes account of the prevailing environment in which regulatory oversight of the National Lottery is being delivered. 

This environment includes: a decline in cash and move towards self-service in retail, rapidly changing technology, and the advent of a gambling regulator in Ireland. 

Statement of Strategy 2022

Five strategies are specifically targeted at the anticipated commercial, social, and regulatory environment in the three-year period.  These strategies are summarised as follows:

  1. Obtain independent expert assurance regarding aspects of the Operator’s systems and controls related to the security of player and winner identity data.
  2. Codify the responsible gambling practices in place to prevent problem play and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Conduct an underage mystery shop exercise to assess progress made in the prevention of sales to minors, compared to the baseline established in 2018; take any action required.
  4. Provide more accessible information to the public on how the National Lottery is regulated and returns for Good Causes are calculated and transferred to the Exchequer.
  5. Introduce new hybrid working in a manner that supports effective performance and meets new targets for remote working and climate change.