The Regulator of the National Lottery was created by the National Lottery Act 2013 to provide independent oversight of the operation of Ireland’s National Lottery. The first Regulator was appointed in November 2014. 

Ireland’s National Lottery is operated by Premier Lotteries Ireland (DAC) a private company under a 20-year Licence from 2014. The Operator must design games, operate appropriate retail and online channels, ensure the propriety of the gaming system, and advertise and promote the National Lottery.  They must comply with the legislation and the Licence as designed by the government of the day. The Regulator cannot amend the Licence except within certain parameters and with the agreement of the Operator. 

The Regulator carries out a range of functions to ensure the terms of the licence agreement between the State and the Operator are honoured, all funds raised for good causes are transferred to the State and accounted for, and that National Lottery trademarks are being protected. 

The officials at the office of the Regulator of the National Lottery work to ensure that the Licence is operating in practice. A comprehensive suite of oversight mechanisms is in place and a track record of holding the operator to account has been established.