Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Who benefits from the National Lottery?

The total monies received in respect of the National Lottery is allocated as follows:

  • At least 50% of the total monies received in respect of the National Lottery is allocated to prizes.
  • An amount equal to 65% of the difference between the total monies received and the expected prize payout is allocated to good causes.
  • Approximately €1.5 million is allocated to the Regulator in respect of the annual levy.
  • The remainder is paid to the Operator and funds the Operator’s costs in holding the National Lottery as well as any profits.

2 – Who operates the National Lottery?

Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) was awarded the Licence to operate the National Lottery for a period of 20 years from 30 November 2014. PLI is a private company registered in Ireland with the sole purpose of operating the Irish National Lottery.  It is owned by a consortium comprised of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, An Post and An Post Pension Plan.

3 – What does the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery (RNL) do?

The functions of the Regulator are set out here.

4 – How do I complain about the National Lottery?

  • The National Lottery’s complaints procedure is outlined here and in the Participant’s Code of Practice available here.
  • You may also contact the Regulator here.

5 – Where can I find the rules of National Lottery games.

6 – How is prize money allocated?

At least 50% of the sales of all National Lottery tickets and scratch cards is paid out in prize money.  Details of the expected prize distribution can be found in the game rules at .

Detailed information about each National Lottery game is available at Links to documents (e.g. game rules) providing the percentage breakdown of prize money for each prize category and the winning odds, are also available on this website.