How are the proceeds of National Lottery ticket sales allocated?

The total monies received from National Lottery sales in any financial year must be allocated as follows:

Prizes: At least 50% of the total monies received across all games.

Retailers: 6% commission on sales (except Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 which is 5%).

Good Causes: 65% of the difference between the total monies received and the prizes won. Good Causes = (Sales – Prizes) x 65%

Regulator: €1.5 million levy in the first year, indexed each year thereafter in line with the Consumer Price Index.  The levy for 2024 is €1,779,800.

Operator: The Operator receives the remainder after prizes, good causes, retailers, and the Regulator levy monies have all been allocated. The Operator applies this to the cost of holding the National Lottery as well as any profits.