Complaints Procedure

Complaints in relation to the National Lottery can be referred to the operator of the National Lottery, Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI). Details in relation to PLI’s complaint process can be found in the Participants’ Code of Practice which is available here.

Anyone who wishes may also file a complaint with the RNL.  The Regulator will consider the complaint from a regulatory perspective and will consider whether there has been any breach of the National Lottery Act or the Licence to Operate the National Lottery.  The RNL cannot influence or alter a decision that falls within PLI’s remit other than to ensure that PLI complies with the Act and the Licence.

A participant who wishes to complain to the RNL can do so in writing (either by email to or the address detailed on our Contact Us page) outlining full details of the complaint and stating whether he/she consents to the release of his/her personal details and his/her complaint to PLI. A participant may make a verbal complaint to the RNL (Telephone number 01-8727932). In this case the RNL will write to the participant confirming details of the complaint and any consent to furnish personal details to PLI.

All complaints are treated by the RNL on a confidential basis and details of any complaint shall not be disclosed otherwise than in accordance with law. Upon receipt, the RNL will consider whether any regulatory issues arise with respect to the complaint.  If the RNL considers that regulatory issues arise it will investigate the matter, asking PLI to make a submission. Where the complainant has a personal interest in the matter, and after consideration of the relevant issues (depending on the complexity of the matter this may take some time), the RNL may advise the complainant for example that:

  • The RNL does not consider that the issue being complained of constitutes either a breach of the Act or the Licence
  • PLI proposes to address the subject matter of the complaint; or
  • The RNL is taking further action.

The right of a participant to file a complaint against PLI does not affect his or her right to seek redress in the courts in the normal way. If you are unhappy with the manner in which the RNL dealt with your complaint, please refer to the Customer Charter page for further details.

If a person with a disability needs assistance in making a complaint, he or she can contact our Access Officer who, as far as possible, will assist them in making their complaint.

The Corporate Affairs Manager, Mary McNabola, is the Access Officer and can be contacted at or at 01-872-7932