Player Protection


Protection of Participants Interests

Under the National Lottery Act, (Section 1, 9 [2] [b]), one of the Regulator’s objectives is to ensure that the interests of the participants in the National Lottery are protected.  Further to this objective, the Regulator has a focus on how the Operator is preventing problem play.

The Regulator of the National Lottery recognises that, while most people derive nothing but fun from lottery activity, certain groups or individuals are vulnerable or susceptible to problem play. The Regulator recognises that there are features of games, patterns of play, and the gaming environment that can amplify player risks, particularly for certain groups of players.

A key aim of player protection is preventing problem play through monitoring and assessing the structural features of games and the playing environment for the general player population, but with a particular focus on:

  • Those who are underage: for the purposes of the National Lottery, underage is defined as under 18 years of age;
  • Vulnerable players, defined as those who have a susceptibility to excessive or problem play.

An objective of the Regulator is to ensure that the operator of the National Lottery follows responsible gaming practices, that games are fair, that information provided is transparent, accessible, and does not mislead, and that players are not intentionally or unintentionally exposed to risky gaming mechanics or procedures likely to induce underage or problem play.  Accordingly, the Regulator’s approval is required for new games, game rules, codes of practice and any modifications. In addition, marketing and advertising content must conform to the Marketing Communications, Advertising, Promotions and PR Code of Practice and accepted standards governing advertising within the State.

The aim of preventing problem play is pursued through rigorous analysis of game approval requests, reviews of procedures and the sales / playing environments against the provisions of the Act and the Licence, and by researching and identifying processes and practices that have demonstrated effectiveness in preventing or minimising risk.

The Regulator is committed to ensuring a safe and fun Lottery for all participants with fair rules and procedures for each game and appropriate measures in place to protect against underage and problem play.

Player Information