Oversight of the Operator of the National Lottery

The Regulator monitors the activities of the Operator (Premier Lotteries Ireland) in accordance with his statutory objectives and in order to ensure compliance with the Act and Licence.  This oversight includes the following:

  • Ongoing access to and analysis of data from the Operator’s business systems.
  • Oversight of processes and controls applied by the Operator.
  • Receipt and consideration of reports and returns received from the Operator.

In addition, the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery conducts ad hoc reviews and investigations and issues requests for reports or information in relation to certain matters.

The output from this oversight function is raised with the Operator and can lead to the Operator deciding to address matters.  It can also inform decisions in relation to approvals requested under Clause 23 of the Licence or can lead to measures being taken in accordance with the Regulator’s enforcement function.