Regulation of the National Lottery


The operation of the National Lottery is governed by the National Lottery Act 2013 and the Licence to Operate the National Lottery 2014.

Functions of Regulator

The functions of the Regulator are described in the Act and include the following:

  • To procure the holding of the National Lottery
  • To monitor the operation of the National Lottery and to monitor and enforce compliance with the Act and the Licence.
  • To consider for approval certain matters relating to the National Lottery (including schemes for National Lottery games)
  • Manage and control the National Lottery Fund.

For full details please refer to the Act.

The Regulator is to carry out these functions in a manner most likely to ensure:

  1. that the National Lottery is run with all due propriety,
  2. that the interests of participants in the National Lottery are protected,
  3. that the long term sustainability of the National Lottery is safeguarded, and

subject to 1) to 3), to ensure revenues allocated to the Exchequer for disbursement for the purposes permitted by the Act (Good Causes) are as great as possible subject to the terms of the Licence.

Codes of Practice

Under Section 28 of the Act the Regulator is required to publish codes of practice made under the Licence. Please follow the below links for more information:

Sales Code of Practice

Participants’ Code of Practice

Advertising and Promotion Code of Practice