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Procurement Policy


The Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery (RNL) as a statutory body is governed by Public Procurement Guidelines, Regulations and Directives. Public procurement can be defined as the acquisition, whether under formal contract or not, of works, supplies and services. It ranges from the purchase of routine supplies to formal tendering and placing of contracts for large infrastructural or ICT projects.


Procurement Principles

Public procurement must be discharged with probity, transparency and accountability and in a manner that secures best value for money for the RNL.

Procurement by the RNL will be governed by the following principles:

  • Achieving efficiency, effectiveness and best value for money
  • Dealing with quality suppliers, contractors and service providers
  • Operating in a fair, open, transparent and non-discriminatory manner
  • Managing risk and potential conflicts of interest
  • Complying with all relevant European, National legislation and Government regulations
  • Operating to the highest ethical standards


Procurement objectives

The primary objectives of the RNL procurement policy are to ensure that all transactions:

  • Fully comply with government guidelines and EU directives
  • Meet the specified requirements
  • Give RNL best value for money
  • Are transparent
  • Ensure equality of access to qualified suppliers
  • Are formally contracted


Purchasing Procedures

  • It is a basic principle of public procurement that a competitive process should be used unless there are justifiably exceptional circumstances. The type of competitive process can vary depending on the size and characteristics of the contract to be awarded and the nature of the contracting authority.
  • When a procurement requirement is identified before proceeding to purchase to establish whether an existing suitable contract or framework is already in place and if so to utilise that contract or drawdown from that framework.
  • Attention is drawn to Circular 16/13: Revision of arrangements concerning the use of Central Contracts put in place by the Office of Government Procurement (formally NPS) informing public bodies of the importance of maximising the value for money achievable when procuring any commonly acquired goods or service. In this regard, public bodies are expected to use central procurement frameworks for all purchases including those under €25,000.


See link http://circulars.gov.ie/pdf/circular/per/2013/16.pdf.


  • The office also abides by departmental guidance included in the following documents:
    • Circular 11/15 outlines the necessary procedures for the Transfer and Sharing of State Property Assets.
    • Circular 01/16 relates to Construction Procurement, specifically a revision of the arrangements for the procurement of public works projects.
    • Circular 02/16 details the various procedures regarding ICT related expenditure, in particular revised spending limits and the requirements to advertise procurement opportunities.
    • Circular 17/16 outlines the department policy relating to Property Acquisition and also the Disposal of Surplus Property.